Reaching out to MPs around the country

One of the challenges of my role is to simply make people aware of the National Skills Academy for Logistics – what we do and how we can help. Nowhere is this more important than with our MPs.

There are around 650 MPs in the UK – and they are busy people. They split their time between London and their constituencies, involved in everything from developing the legislation of tomorrow to solving the problems of today.

Of course, one of those problems is unemployment. While it’s been good to see unemployment overall taking a drop, it’s been worrying to see youth unemployment on the rise. For the younger part of the population, securing that all-important first job can be tough – especially if you’re lacking qualifications. For others who are unemployed, perhaps over a long period, finding a new role can be equally tough.

I’m currently writing to all of our MPs, making them aware of the Skills Academy and the work we’re doing – not just raising skills and qualifications in the sector, but also creating partnerships with industry to tap into a waiting workforce: the currently unemployed.

As I said, MPs are busy people who can’t be expected to be on top of everything. But I do want to make sure that all of our MPs know that the unemployed people in their constituencies don’t have to be without options – that training and pre-employment training programmes exist that can get people back into work, helping to grow one of the UK’s most important sectors.

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