About Tatton Solutions

About Tatton Solutions

Tatton Solutions provides a unique 360-degree service – not just concentrating on the effectiveness of learning, but also how cost-efficient training is for the organisation.

  • Learning makes us tick

    Learning makes us tick

    Tatton Solutions is an organisation obsessed with getting learning right – making it as good as it can be, in every way.

  • How we work

    How we work

    Tatton Solutions is very firmly not a company with a fixed approach. Every organisation is different; their learning needs are different – so our solutions are always different.

  • Clients and specialist sectors

    Clients and specialist sectors

    While we work across almost all sectors, we have developed particular expertise in certain markets and with specific learning programmes.

  • Recruitment services

    Recruitment services

    Obscurant Recruitment, one of our group companies, is a specialist recruitment service which delivers a fast, personal service.