In-work training

In-work training

We help organisations with in-work training programmes which sustain or increase productivity – and help maintain compliance in key operational areas.

Workforce skills play a key part in an organisation’s success – improvement is a commercial necessity that can’t be ignored. But training is also a cost – and all businesses (as with any expenditure) need to balance benefit with spending.

We help organisations on both counts. It’s not about ‘providing cheaper training’ (a strategy that can only end one way) it’s about providing training in the most cost-efficient way. Partly, this is about focus – increasing retention but reducing learning time. But it’s also about processes, organisation and efficient procurement/deployment – and making full use of any available funding.

Tatton Solutions is one of a rare breed of training partner – we see financial efficiency as being just as important as learning effectiveness. Clients don’t have to ask us to do it, it’s the way we think and always a core part of our solutions. 

We have specific expertise helping organisations provide and maintain the following skills and, where needed, to maintain regulatory compliance:

  • Business administration
  • Customer services
  • Food and hygiene
  • Health and safety
  • Manual handling
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Personal development
  • Warehousing and storage