Clients and specialist sectors

Clients and specialist sectors

While we work across almost all sectors, we have developed particular expertise in certain markets and with specific learning programmes.

Tatton Solutions works across most industry sectors – bringing benefits to those organisations in need of learning transformation.

We’ve developed specific expertise working with organisations with a significant employed workforce, especially where there is either a need for induction learning (perhaps pre-employment training or apprenticeship programmes) or ongoing work-based training (perhaps where there is a real need for compliance).

In particular, we help organisations with:

  • Customer services training
  • Business administration training
  • Food and hygiene training
  • Health and safety training
  • Manual handling training
  • Manufacturing operations training
  • Personal development training
  • Warehousing and storage training

Transforming organisations’ approach to learning

In addition to providing training or helping to define learning strategies, a core service is to help organisations to radically improve the financial health of their learning and development. This can be in terms of efficiencies, but also by advising on available funding (and helping to realise those funding streams). More innovatively, we help organisations to reengineer learning and development departments into the organisation’s own learning academy – this can not only improve learning but also provide the most effective access to available funds.